Sandpine Alliance International

Sandpine Alliance International is here to protect our natural lands and resources and support incredible people making a difference in the world.

About Us

SAI is a non-profit organization with the purpose of purchasing, restoring, and managing natural lands and preserves around the world, as well as supporting groups and individuals that are making a difference in the world and in peoples lives!    

See below for some of our stories and projects.

The Land

One of our goals is to set aside a 100,000 acre preserve in the savannas and flood plain of South Sudan, an area with beautiful diverse flora and fauna, mass white eared cobb migrations, and extreme swings from monsoon rain and floods to massive wildfires in the dry season. Our purpose in preserving this land is so the villagers can still hunt, fish, gather, and utilize the land as they have for countless generations, while protecting it from outside influences that would develop, mine, or in any way take the land from its indigenous inhabitants.

The Tale of Miss Fox

In 2010 Ellen Fox traveled to South Sudan on a mission\humanitarian trip but unlike everyone else, she never returned to the states!
9 years later, she is still living with the local Lopit people living off the grid in a mud brick hut in the middle of the village providing education and a chance at a better life to the extremely poor and the young girls of the village. In these villages the children and women don’t have rights and it is very unusual for a young girl to get much education at all. Continue reading the next story to hear about one of the girls she has had a huge impact on.

Teresa’s Story

Teresa was around 14 years old when I first met her, and at that time she was the head of her house! Her father and mother had abandoned her and three of her younger sisters due to the war and famines and local threats in the village. Teresa was living in a 10′ diameter wattle and dob hut trying to farm and scratch out a living so she could take care of her sisters and her blind grandmother. Even with all this it could not stop her desire to learn and make something more of herself. This is where Ellen comes in. For the last few years Ellen has been tutoring Teresa and other local children giving them the best education available in that area with the hopes Teresa and some of the others may eventually be able to go to a college in Uganda and bring their knowledge back to the village.

Robert’s Regenerative Farm

Robert, a native Kenyan has been working with the Lopit teaching them sustainable and regenerative agriculture. Much of north and central Africa has been suffering desertification due to over grazing, and improper farming techniques causing the loss of most of the organics and nutrients in the soil and excessive erosion. To turn the balance Robert has reintroduced no till farming and off season cover cropping both practices add massive amounts of plant organics back to the soil and help stop erosion. With the increased yield per hectare with these methods much less land needs to be farmed allowing other areas to remain natural and or given time to heal from overuse. At first most of the Lopit were skeptical to try these new (old) ways of farming but after seeing Roberts brilliant success many are coming to him to learn and listen to what he has to say.

SAI supports these people, projects, and many others around the world. Get in touch with us if you would like to join us in our efforts. Email us at